Right, so the scope of this blog is still not defined. I must say I haven’t got the hang of writing stuff about me, because I can’t fathom anyone would want to read the stuff I write.

Maybe it’s because I lack scope for my blogging activities? Here is a convenient ersatz of an excuse for my procrastination and lack of time.
Really though, I can’t find a central theme for my blogging.

Hopefully one day, I’ll have the spark, and things will just come out of me.

Until then.


Thursday of hell

Woke up late and ran to work for a never ending day. Literally. The annoying thing with working for Americans is the bleeding time difference. Who said that having a conference at 6:30pm was on ? My boss, evidently !

Anyway, cooked diner for the wife (she liked my improvised spinach+creme fraiche) and played a little with the daughter (yes, bridges can be shaped like space rockets), and I can finally write a few words, while the dog barks to hell as usual.

And yes, I forgot to think about what this blog should be about. One day…

Promised, little blog.

Thoughts on computers

Today, my mother called me, all panicked, as her emails in Thunderbird didn;t display correctly. What she hadn’t seen was that there is a way to sort out the messages in her mailbox by sender, subject and obviously, date.

Makes me think, has anyone actually thought of making software for elderly people, that do not ned advanced features like sorting out mailboxes by alphabetical order of subject, but still would rather use an email client so that they can se the photos of their grand-children when their own children send photos to them.

Something to think about for the future, maybe.