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Wednesday, 03 April 2013

5-2 Diet: the start

During the DIY Easter extravaganza I just lived through, I had the immense pleasure to listen to Radio 4 virtually non-stop.

One thing caught my attention more than anything else: the 5-2 diet, which is meant to be very good for your nervous system, protect you from disease, lower your blood glucose level and cholesterol.

I talked about to the wife, and she laughed at me, dismissing me by saying: “Well, I’ll be curious to see how long this will last”, which I didn’t judge necessary to comment and took as a challenge.

And then, yesterday, due to work, I skipped lunch, and only got in a position to eat any after the local sandwich shop had closed. So, I decided that this was the start of my 5-2 diet.

I didn’t eat anything until dinner. My wife thought I was grumpy. I was, but not because I hadn’t eaten anything for the past 10 hours, but because she’d asked me to do more DIY after a full day of work. The word boring and inconsiderate comes to mind.

Anyway, I had a can of lentil soup, and nothing else but water, and I felt great. I fell asleep quite late, but otherwise, I coped quite well I thought.

This morning, I weighed myself, and the verdict was clear: 92 kg for 23.4% fat, which is on the ‘+’ side, according to my dear friend the electronic scale.

Had a normal breakfast: 120 grams of granola and about the same of soy milk.
Now, it’s 09:35 and I’m already quite hungry, but I’m determined to last the day. Had two cups of redbush so far.For the lunch break ,I fled the office during the lunch break, as to avoid the smells of food.
Tonight will be tomato soup with maybe a slice of bread (let’s get crazy), and I’ll be eating normally again.


Had a whole can of tomato soup (reduced salt, for good measure) and a slice of bread for dinner.

However, as soon as I arrived home (7pm-ish) I surprised myself snacking on three carrot sticks and a small amount of humus that Cecilia had left untouched.

Had a bit of a headache, after dinner, but the most significant feeling I had was of general toning of my muscles. I felt like something was happening to my limbs, as if an electric current was going through.

Strange and pleasant.


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