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Tuesday 09 April 2013

Old habits die hard. Or do they ?

Funny how, once you’ve set yourself on the course of a diet, your feeding habits change almost instantly.

Not a month ago, I probably wouldn’t worry about the amount of what I eat, and would always try to please the wife by finishing her and Cecilia’s dish, so that nothing was left. I remember going to bed a few times feeling so stuffed that I felt quite uncomfortable laying in bed (I sleep on my tummy) and feeling my throat being under pressure.

Since I openly discussed this with my wife, she doesn’t expect me to finish everything, and I’m not afraid of offending her if I don’t got for seconds.

I’m not trying to make myself any better than I am. I do go for seconds when the dish is good (my wife’s noodle soup is an orgasmic delight that no Homo Sapiens I know of would consider turning down, especially the hot’n’sour kind) but I didn’t feel under pressure to have seconds of yesterday’s steak pie (even though she makes it really good.) And I think she gets it and leaves me alone, and doesn’t push me in a corner to finish everything.

What I feel pressured by is the Bakewell Tart. She makes it so good, and the fact that it’s stuffed with so much ground almond, that I can’t resist (I always say that if I had the choice, it’d go for death by hummus and frangipane, please.)

She baked the tart on Thursday night, and, conscious that she doesn’t really enjoy it that much, she’s left it to me to eat most of it. With the curry tonight in mind, I’ve had to plan on eating bits of that Bakewell tart every day so that it’d be finished by tonight, so I can get back on the fasting tomorrow until Thursday.

So, I’ll need to keep a bit of room tonight during the MBD curry, so I can finish the Bakewell Tart and be serene that it won’t tempt me tomorrow.

Hard work, but it’ll be worth it in the end, I know it!


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