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Wednesday 03 December 2014


Yes, I survived my first fasting day in months. My wife thought I was kidding myself, and that past 9pm, I’d raiding the fridge for anything to eat, even cauliflower (God forbid I’ll never get that desperate.)

She even asked whether I was ‘allowed’ fruits. I told her simply that I was allowed anything, as long as it was 500 kcal max on my fasting days, and that the bowl of porridge oats with whole milk I get for breakfast is roughly that. As a result, this is the only food I’m allowing myself to eat on my fast days. That and water.

She was still stunned that I could go for fasting like this, and I must admit that the headaches yesterday didn’t help. Thankfully, I was very tired from the night before, and by 10pm, I was fast asleep.

Still, she recognised me when she saw me sinking my teeth in the bacon cheddar sandwich she made me for lunch today. She was even suggesting that instead of doing this 5-2 diet, I should simply eat less.

She’s probably right. And I also want to go back out cycle, even though it’s bloody freezing out there. And I want to be able to run with the kids when the snow comes and they need me to pull the sleigh. I want to my shirts and suits to feel a little looser around the armpits and waits. And ultimately, I’d appreciate it if she saw me as a sexual object once in a while too. But before I can get there, I need to start somewhere, and 5-2 is the answer I have chosen to hack my mind into thinking that it’s cool to do things that are less comfortable than being a slob.

So, yes, It’s all about determination for me. Give me an early win, let me grab a hanging fruit. Just let me see a 1 kilo drop within a couple of weeks of 5-2, so I can punch the air and feel good about myself and never look back.

And that is the reason why I decided to reboot my 5-2 in December. Forget New Year’s resolution, I make my New Year’s resolution before the Christmas food fest. Even harder to handle when I will be at home with the kids all day. By then, the habit should have settled in, and so it should be easier.

With that said, fasting resumes tomorrow. Talk about testing my resolve !

Until then…


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