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Thursday 04 December 2014


My fasting day started normally. Céclia was il yesterday, but she was good this morning.

So, she had the last bit of Chinese porridge for breakfast, and I cooked porridge oats for everyone else, as usual.

Then, I did the school run, and pushed Étienne in his pushchair, because he just loves to do the school run and look at people and trucks.

When I got home however, I started to think that today was not going to go according to plan. My wife was evidently ill and too tired to do anything. She was laying in bed, while Étienne was playing around. Then, he came to my desk, and started to bother me. When I tried to get rid of him, that’s when I notice that my wife was just falling asleep.

I called the office and told them I was taking the afternoon off to take care of my son. So, I fed him his lunch, snacks, and most of his dinner, which while fasting turns out to be a bit of a challenge.

But, I’m very happy. I realized that this was the first time I had spent a full half-day with my son, and only him. I was very happy, and so was he.

So, for my second fast day after reboot, I’m very proud of my achievements. I have managed to fast, I have taken care of my son, I have drunk more water than the first day (less headaches) and I feel great.

I’m breaking my fast tomorrow again until next Tuesday. Shouldn’t stop me from blogging though.

Unitl then…..


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