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Friday 05 December 2014


I realise that I failed to explain why I was away from blogging and the 5-2 diet for about 18 months.

The reason for the first was that I did start a new blog. I must admit that this really did mess up my blogging routine, and although I did buy a domain and was blogging every night on a very specific topic, I eventually ran out of things to say, and got caught in the day to day job routine on the return from a very long, tiring and stressful journey to the States.

I never pretended I was going to become a proper blogger. After all, this blog is entitled “An Experiment in Blogging.”

But, I do remember reading somewhere that journaling and/or writing every day makes you a better person, more organised, more zen. And that is something I find inspiring.

So, here I am. blogging away. I never wrote a journal when I was teenager, but I also wanted to put my never ending flood of ideas in a coherent order.

So, that sort of explains why I interrupted my blogging. I started blogging about something else, I lost focus on this one. May happen again, if I manage to free my time the way my wife and I have planned.

The reason for stopping the 5-2 diet was that one long trip to the States, where I simply could not fast. I was way too jet-lagged, way too tired and way too stressed to put up with the headaches, the questions, even the possible inquisitive looks from my peers and customers. And, let’s not forget that, as a Salesman, I had to entertain my customers. and it would have felt awkward to not eat, especially as part of the job description is to entertain them (read always ask for the dessert card and drink till they can’t stand.)

Now, I need to come fully clean. I was very stressed with this job. I say ‘was’, because I eventually lost it. This job. One month before our son was born. while my in-laws were here, waiting for the baby to be born. So, the 5-2 diet just slipped my mind.

Then, once Etienne was born, the wife and I had to pull together, go through the no-sleep routine months, etc, and frankly, I didn’t have the taste for exercising or fasting. Plus, I was interviewing around the UK, even in France.

Finally, a year ago, I got a new job. Great job, home-based, UK-only with hardly any air travel (bliss !) a large portion of my time on the road. But the most important part of this that I work from home.

Obviously, the temptation for food is immense. My wife keeps on buying biscuits and whatnot, and it’s hard to resist.

Now, I managed to win her over with porridge oats during the summer. Before that, we were eating toasts of 50/50 white-wholemeal. One day, I got so bloated and fed up (no pun intended) with these, that I told her that enough was enough and that I was going to cook porridge oats. I cooked it for my son too, who loved it immediately, and then her, and then my daughter.

But, the temptation of the biscuits and stuff was still there, and I had to hack my mind in stopping this.

So, last week, when my suit felt really tight around the armpits, I decided that enough was enough and that I had to go back to the 5-2 diet.

After that, biking again is on the cards, and so is photography. But I’m not there yet. Just need to stay focus and effing do it.


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