Tuesday 09 December 2014

Reboot, 2nd week

Well, I’m very happy with myself. Today is the first day of my second week of 5-2 reboot, and it all has seemed quite normal. From the viewpoint of the diet, that is. Otherwise, today has been a hectic suite of random occurrences only suited to get me off my track.

I happily worked through my lunch hour, as I was so busy, it didn’t even register. I only came down to the kitchen to boil the kettle for a roobios (or redbush.) Frankly, I didn’t even feel it.

Dinner was a bit harder, as my wife told me :”I’m going to the chippy, and after that, I’m having a shower…you feed the kids !”

Cécilia has been the queen of the Christmas choir and had treats after treats tonight, and she asked for fish & chips. Étienne, on the other hand, is quite ill, with a runny nose and such. I already knew that feeding him was going to be a challenge, but feeding while fasting was going to be even harder, especially with the smell of fish and chips.

Actually, Cécilia ate mostly normally, but Étienne didn’t touch it. So I cooked him some quick alphabet pasta with a box of my special Bolognese sauce that I dare anyone to resist.

Amazingly, I knew that if anything was passing my lips, as small as it could be, I would devour some pasta and Bolognese.

I think Coco was very surprised to see myself not touching anything, even wiping a tiny speck of sauce that landed on my finger.

So, yes, I’m pretty happy. I managed to stay on course all day with my fast, even though my mouth was salivating like crazy.

Tomorrow, I’m flying to Germany with a customer for one night, and since I can’t imagine the sort of questions I will be getting, so I’ve decided that I would not be fasting tomorrow or Thursday, but will on Friday.

Until then…


Friday 05 December 2014


I realise that I failed to explain why I was away from blogging and the 5-2 diet for about 18 months.

The reason for the first was that I did start a new blog. I must admit that this really did mess up my blogging routine, and although I did buy a domain and was blogging every night on a very specific topic, I eventually ran out of things to say, and got caught in the day to day job routine on the return from a very long, tiring and stressful journey to the States.

I never pretended I was going to become a proper blogger. After all, this blog is entitled “An Experiment in Blogging.”

But, I do remember reading somewhere that journaling and/or writing every day makes you a better person, more organised, more zen. And that is something I find inspiring.

So, here I am. blogging away. I never wrote a journal when I was teenager, but I also wanted to put my never ending flood of ideas in a coherent order.

So, that sort of explains why I interrupted my blogging. I started blogging about something else, I lost focus on this one. May happen again, if I manage to free my time the way my wife and I have planned.

The reason for stopping the 5-2 diet was that one long trip to the States, where I simply could not fast. I was way too jet-lagged, way too tired and way too stressed to put up with the headaches, the questions, even the possible inquisitive looks from my peers and customers. And, let’s not forget that, as a Salesman, I had to entertain my customers. and it would have felt awkward to not eat, especially as part of the job description is to entertain them (read always ask for the dessert card and drink till they can’t stand.)

Now, I need to come fully clean. I was very stressed with this job. I say ‘was’, because I eventually lost it. This job. One month before our son was born. while my in-laws were here, waiting for the baby to be born. So, the 5-2 diet just slipped my mind.

Then, once Etienne was born, the wife and I had to pull together, go through the no-sleep routine months, etc, and frankly, I didn’t have the taste for exercising or fasting. Plus, I was interviewing around the UK, even in France.

Finally, a year ago, I got a new job. Great job, home-based, UK-only with hardly any air travel (bliss !) a large portion of my time on the road. But the most important part of this that I work from home.

Obviously, the temptation for food is immense. My wife keeps on buying biscuits and whatnot, and it’s hard to resist.

Now, I managed to win her over with porridge oats during the summer. Before that, we were eating toasts of 50/50 white-wholemeal. One day, I got so bloated and fed up (no pun intended) with these, that I told her that enough was enough and that I was going to cook porridge oats. I cooked it for my son too, who loved it immediately, and then her, and then my daughter.

But, the temptation of the biscuits and stuff was still there, and I had to hack my mind in stopping this.

So, last week, when my suit felt really tight around the armpits, I decided that enough was enough and that I had to go back to the 5-2 diet.

After that, biking again is on the cards, and so is photography. But I’m not there yet. Just need to stay focus and effing do it.

Thursday 04 December 2014


My fasting day started normally. Céclia was il yesterday, but she was good this morning.

So, she had the last bit of Chinese porridge for breakfast, and I cooked porridge oats for everyone else, as usual.

Then, I did the school run, and pushed Étienne in his pushchair, because he just loves to do the school run and look at people and trucks.

When I got home however, I started to think that today was not going to go according to plan. My wife was evidently ill and too tired to do anything. She was laying in bed, while Étienne was playing around. Then, he came to my desk, and started to bother me. When I tried to get rid of him, that’s when I notice that my wife was just falling asleep.

I called the office and told them I was taking the afternoon off to take care of my son. So, I fed him his lunch, snacks, and most of his dinner, which while fasting turns out to be a bit of a challenge.

But, I’m very happy. I realized that this was the first time I had spent a full half-day with my son, and only him. I was very happy, and so was he.

So, for my second fast day after reboot, I’m very proud of my achievements. I have managed to fast, I have taken care of my son, I have drunk more water than the first day (less headaches) and I feel great.

I’m breaking my fast tomorrow again until next Tuesday. Shouldn’t stop me from blogging though.

Unitl then…..

Wednesday 03 December 2014


Yes, I survived my first fasting day in months. My wife thought I was kidding myself, and that past 9pm, I’d raiding the fridge for anything to eat, even cauliflower (God forbid I’ll never get that desperate.)

She even asked whether I was ‘allowed’ fruits. I told her simply that I was allowed anything, as long as it was 500 kcal max on my fasting days, and that the bowl of porridge oats with whole milk I get for breakfast is roughly that. As a result, this is the only food I’m allowing myself to eat on my fast days. That and water.

She was still stunned that I could go for fasting like this, and I must admit that the headaches yesterday didn’t help. Thankfully, I was very tired from the night before, and by 10pm, I was fast asleep.

Still, she recognised me when she saw me sinking my teeth in the bacon cheddar sandwich she made me for lunch today. She was even suggesting that instead of doing this 5-2 diet, I should simply eat less.

She’s probably right. And I also want to go back out cycle, even though it’s bloody freezing out there. And I want to be able to run with the kids when the snow comes and they need me to pull the sleigh. I want to my shirts and suits to feel a little looser around the armpits and waits. And ultimately, I’d appreciate it if she saw me as a sexual object once in a while too. But before I can get there, I need to start somewhere, and 5-2 is the answer I have chosen to hack my mind into thinking that it’s cool to do things that are less comfortable than being a slob.

So, yes, It’s all about determination for me. Give me an early win, let me grab a hanging fruit. Just let me see a 1 kilo drop within a couple of weeks of 5-2, so I can punch the air and feel good about myself and never look back.

And that is the reason why I decided to reboot my 5-2 in December. Forget New Year’s resolution, I make my New Year’s resolution before the Christmas food fest. Even harder to handle when I will be at home with the kids all day. By then, the habit should have settled in, and so it should be easier.

With that said, fasting resumes tomorrow. Talk about testing my resolve !

Until then…

Tuesday 02 December 2014


Weight: 93.3kg
Fat content: 21.3% fat

Yes, I’m back.

After too many months, I have decided to get back on the 5-2 diet.
In a slightly different way, this time, I’ll stick to Tuesdays and Thursdays, unless I’m on the road (I’m a salesman) and I need to send a food receipt to the accountant.

The other day, I got the NHS free health check letter in the post and after they drew blood, I was told that my sugar and lipid levels were normal, so I’m reassured.

Nonetheless, I am no spring chicken anymore, and my trousers and shirts have started to feel tight again, and the long-term health benefits of 5-2 have been recently reminded to me by LinkedIn or some other sponsored link.

Today is going to be a long day.

It has been a long day. The broken night last night hasn’t helped. Our son got awakened by my wife’s cough around 11:30, and he refused to fall back asleep until about 01:30 this morning.

And a result, the headache is even more pronounced. Need to drink water. Now.

Hopefully, our son will be sleeping a lot better tonight, despite the coughing and sneezing.

I, for one, could do with a good night sleep.

Friday 31 May 2013

No excuse

For anyone that has ever lived in the “Green and Pleasant Land”, as Britain is sometimes called by the indigenous population, there is a very good and obvious reason why it’s so green: it bloody rains all the time !

I remember hearing from a work colleague shortly before I moved from the US to the UK, after spending 7 years in the Carolinas’ heat: “there are two things that you won’t need in the UK: air-conditioning for your house and a sprinkler system for your lawn.” And on my arrival in Sheffield, I remember my new neighbour telling me: “the most useful thing that you can buy to live under these climes is a good pair of wellies.”

After nearly 10 years in Sheffield, I confirm both statements unreservedly !

So, today, after a week of daily rain and temperatures failing to raise above 13C (for you Yanks out there, embrace Modern World units, at long last), I noticed that the temperatures were flirting with 20C. This could qualify for front page news in here.

And that is when it happened, and it all happened too quickly.

My friend J sends me a text, telling me that he’s organizing a BBQ at his house tonight. My wife is sick while 7-month pregnant, and our daughter is best pal with J’s daughter, so in a split second, I say yes, so I can take Cecilia out of the house and leave Coco to rest. Alex happy.

But then, a couple of hours laster, I remember in horror that today is my second day of fasting….

Look, Blog, I’m sorry, but I can’t deny my daughter an evening of sunshine (the sun sets at 21:22 today), my wife needs to rest, and I’ve taken next week off, so I need to celebrate and let loose a bit (J loves his drink) and now that the wheels are in motion, I can’t be the party-pooper, can I now ?

It’s the fault of this awful spring, which I’ve heard on the radio yesterday has been the coldest since the 60’s (I wasn’t even born back then.)

So, yes, I’ll break my fast tonight before the due time and I’ll be very happy to do so, for once.

No, I’m not making excuses.

I just… need to live my life to the fullest and make the most of Britain’s weather when it turns nice. (God knows it’s rare enough !)

One thing I will do though: I’ll change my fast days to Wednesday and Thursday.

Thursday 30-May 2013

Long time no write

Sorry, Blog, I have not been writing lately. Between work commitments, family commitments and illness, I have failed to take the time to write for the past 6 weeks. Shame on me.

So, what is new ? Well, I paused the 5-2 diet for nearly 3 weeks, because of terrible neck and head aches. Yes, indeed, during the night of Tuesday 7-May, I didn’t manage to get myself into a comfortable position when I went to bed because of terrible head and neck pains. So, I called the NHS Direct number and after answering a few questions from them, they told me to go to A&E. There, they gave me head and neck CT scan. Dark thoughts entered my mind when I heard ‘CT scan’, I must admit.

In the end, they found some fluid in my sphenoidal sinuses, which they said was rather rare, and they gave me a cocktail of antibiotics and pain-killers to clear the infection and numb the pain. Which so many drugs in my system, I thought it’d be unwise to take them on an empty stomach, and so I decided to pause the 5-2 diet until I started to feel more alive than undead.

I stayed on pain killers unil last week (Co-codamol, I love you forever) and I resumed the diet today, not a moment too soon if you ask me.

I haven’t weighted myself recently, but I have felt that the trousers I wear for my DIY work left a lot more butt cleavage in contact with the fresh British air than before, and that my shirt felt a little looser as well.

I just don’t want to get on the scale until I’ve had 6 weeks of solid continuous 5-2 diet, which I have not been able to manage so far.

In other news, Coco goofed it:

We’re having a son.

Which is fantastic news, especially since we already have a daughter. Made what we did worth the trouble.