Thursday 04 December 2014


My fasting day started normally. Céclia was il yesterday, but she was good this morning.

So, she had the last bit of Chinese porridge for breakfast, and I cooked porridge oats for everyone else, as usual.

Then, I did the school run, and pushed Étienne in his pushchair, because he just loves to do the school run and look at people and trucks.

When I got home however, I started to think that today was not going to go according to plan. My wife was evidently ill and too tired to do anything. She was laying in bed, while Étienne was playing around. Then, he came to my desk, and started to bother me. When I tried to get rid of him, that’s when I notice that my wife was just falling asleep.

I called the office and told them I was taking the afternoon off to take care of my son. So, I fed him his lunch, snacks, and most of his dinner, which while fasting turns out to be a bit of a challenge.

But, I’m very happy. I realized that this was the first time I had spent a full half-day with my son, and only him. I was very happy, and so was he.

So, for my second fast day after reboot, I’m very proud of my achievements. I have managed to fast, I have taken care of my son, I have drunk more water than the first day (less headaches) and I feel great.

I’m breaking my fast tomorrow again until next Tuesday. Shouldn’t stop me from blogging though.

Unitl then…..


Thursday 30-May 2013

Long time no write

Sorry, Blog, I have not been writing lately. Between work commitments, family commitments and illness, I have failed to take the time to write for the past 6 weeks. Shame on me.

So, what is new ? Well, I paused the 5-2 diet for nearly 3 weeks, because of terrible neck and head aches. Yes, indeed, during the night of Tuesday 7-May, I didn’t manage to get myself into a comfortable position when I went to bed because of terrible head and neck pains. So, I called the NHS Direct number and after answering a few questions from them, they told me to go to A&E. There, they gave me head and neck CT scan. Dark thoughts entered my mind when I heard ‘CT scan’, I must admit.

In the end, they found some fluid in my sphenoidal sinuses, which they said was rather rare, and they gave me a cocktail of antibiotics and pain-killers to clear the infection and numb the pain. Which so many drugs in my system, I thought it’d be unwise to take them on an empty stomach, and so I decided to pause the 5-2 diet until I started to feel more alive than undead.

I stayed on pain killers unil last week (Co-codamol, I love you forever) and I resumed the diet today, not a moment too soon if you ask me.

I haven’t weighted myself recently, but I have felt that the trousers I wear for my DIY work left a lot more butt cleavage in contact with the fresh British air than before, and that my shirt felt a little looser as well.

I just don’t want to get on the scale until I’ve had 6 weeks of solid continuous 5-2 diet, which I have not been able to manage so far.

In other news, Coco goofed it:

We’re having a son.

Which is fantastic news, especially since we already have a daughter. Made what we did worth the trouble.

Friday 05 April 2013


Last night, I got an email from Rob, the MC of Men Behaving Dadly, aka MBD. In a word or two, MBD is the best thing on this good Earth next to the invention of sliced bread, automatic flush toilets and fuzzy logic chip-controlled programmable rice cookers.

Picture this: once a month, a bunch of dudes meet up on a Saturday morning for a couple of hours with their toddlers in a massive, three-roomed, playground at Fulwood Church (did I mention that I live in Sunny Sheffield?) The aim of the meeting is various and multiple:

  1. Let the toddlers play on the wooden slide, exchange infections, chase each other for 2 hours, turn the whole place into an indescribable mess and learn how to brutally and/or cunningly defend their turn on the wooden horse without arousing the said dudes’ suspicion.
  2. Get something to eat for everyone involved, with unlimited amounts of tea or coffee, fruit juices for the little ones. Around 11am, one dad leaves to get the order of butties (any yanks out there: first food-related item listed on Wikipedia) for everyone present. Rob and I spent numerous months figuring out which one was the best on offer and ultimately agreed that tomato & bacon with a dab of HPC sauce was swell to the ultimate degree. (Anyone interested in joining, you get it for free on your first meet.)
  3. Spend two hours away from the wife’s nagging, so you can spend two hours chatting with your mates about football, rugby, cricket, cars, holidays, past girlfriends (occasionally), but mostly how to earn enough husband points to best avoid the wife’s nagging.
  4. Give the wife a well deserved rest from the madness, so she has the time and freedom to get a hairdo, a bath, and/or a facial, go shoe shopping, meet with her girlfriends, or do whatever takes her fancy.
  5. As a result of 4, collect even more husband points (see 3, above), in some kind of a double-whammy, snowball effect. I need to say here that, when I heard Rob say one day that MBD had been started by two women, I got confirmation of what I had known all along: MBD is a female conspiracy to get rid of the husband and kids, which my own wife is happy to admit and strictly enforce!
  6. Redeem husband points during the ‘MBD Socials’.

And that was the reason for his email. There is a social next week, on Tuesday. Socials involve: meeting at the pub for a pint (will one be enough to last 45 mins ?), then cross the road for a curry. I never managed to attend, as my job demand lots of travel, but this time, I’m in town, and I’m determined to attend.

Issue is: if it’s on Tuesday, I can’t imagine splitting my 5-2 into Monday: fast, Tuesday: beer + curry, Wednesday: fast, Thursday onwards: normal. To me, if I want maximum effect from my fast, the 2 need to be consecutive !

So, I’ll be entering my second week of 5-2 diet next week, and I already have to make compromises and move days around. I doubt my body will notice the difference, though. And on my third week, I will pause the 5-2 because of my crazy travel to North America. The fourth week will be the test of my determination, I guess.

All of this makes me think that, as Frenchman, food for me is a very social experience. This episode makes me realize that fasting is very personal and meditative, and does not fit very well with a social lifestyle.