Tuesday 09 December 2014

Reboot, 2nd week

Well, I’m very happy with myself. Today is the first day of my second week of 5-2 reboot, and it all has seemed quite normal. From the viewpoint of the diet, that is. Otherwise, today has been a hectic suite of random occurrences only suited to get me off my track.

I happily worked through my lunch hour, as I was so busy, it didn’t even register. I only came down to the kitchen to boil the kettle for a roobios (or redbush.) Frankly, I didn’t even feel it.

Dinner was a bit harder, as my wife told me :”I’m going to the chippy, and after that, I’m having a shower…you feed the kids !”

Cécilia has been the queen of the Christmas choir and had treats after treats tonight, and she asked for fish & chips. Étienne, on the other hand, is quite ill, with a runny nose and such. I already knew that feeding him was going to be a challenge, but feeding while fasting was going to be even harder, especially with the smell of fish and chips.

Actually, Cécilia ate mostly normally, but Étienne didn’t touch it. So I cooked him some quick alphabet pasta with a box of my special Bolognese sauce that I dare anyone to resist.

Amazingly, I knew that if anything was passing my lips, as small as it could be, I would devour some pasta and Bolognese.

I think Coco was very surprised to see myself not touching anything, even wiping a tiny speck of sauce that landed on my finger.

So, yes, I’m pretty happy. I managed to stay on course all day with my fast, even though my mouth was salivating like crazy.

Tomorrow, I’m flying to Germany with a customer for one night, and since I can’t imagine the sort of questions I will be getting, so I’ve decided that I would not be fasting tomorrow or Thursday, but will on Friday.

Until then…